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Fuller Lip Enhancement

Fuller Lip Enhancement

The intention of a lip enhancement is to give you the fuller lips you desire.

For some individuals with very thin lips, the goal may be to have a more normal appearance.

For others, larger, sexier lips are the goal.

And for older patients, an augmentation of volume, elimination of lines lifting the corners of the mouth may all be required to restore a youthful mouth appearance.

A variety of dermal filler techniques are available to enhance lips - these will be discussed during your consultation. The aim is not only to fix specific problems, but to integrate them into a “lower face makeover”.

Why Enhance Lips?

Lips lose volume as we age. The skin around the lips also wrinkles and thins. The result is thinner lips with less definition. Radial lines, wrinkles above and below the lips and drooping of the corners of the mouth also occur.

The aim of lip enhancement here is to restore youthful lip volume and improve the peri –oral wrinkles.

Alternatively, many younger women have been born with thinner lips, and here the aim is to enhance the lip size and edge with careful and skilful augmentation.

Each patient is different and will require a different approach to an optimum lip enhancement.

At all times, the aim of lip augmentation is to provide a natural result that fits in with your face. A good lip augmentation looks totally natural.

The aim of lip enhancement is to restore youthful lip volume and improve the mouth wrinkles.

We aim to provide a natural result that fits in with your face.

A good lip augmentation looks totally natural.
The aim of lip enhancement is to restore youthful lip volume and improve the mouth wrinkles.

We aim to provide a natural result that fits in with your face.

A good lip augmentation looks totally natural.
Case Study 1:

Treating Vermillion Border (Upper Lip Edge) and Volume Augmentation of Upper Lip!


Case Study 2:

Upper and Lower Lip Volume Augmentation, Filling of Nasolabial and Marionette Lines.


Steps in Lip Enhancement Consultation and Treatment

Your Assessment

Firstly, we assess your lips with regard to the four important criteria of lip volume, lip edge, peri oral wrinkles and mouth corners. The doctor will ask you about what is most bothering you about the appearance of your mouth and lips. He / she will also take into account the natural shape of your lips, their size and proportion relative to each other to and the rest of your face.

Your Treatment Plan

We will generally aim to solve with the main issue with your lip appearance—eg enhancing thin lips to give fuller lip volume. However, as explained above, it may be that fixing up a specific problem is only part of the solution. A much better result may be available by addressing an adjacent issue eg lip edge and pout.

This need not cost any more as some treatments eg giving the lip edge more definition, do not require much filler to achieve their result. Of course, we take into account your needs and budget to tailor the best solution for you.

Your Lip Enhancement

Treatment can be done on the same day as consultation, or booked in for a later date.The information below describes specific techniques of lip enhancement—one or more of which may be recommended for you.

The Specific Techniques of Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement involves the careful injecting of dermal fillers into the lip and surrounding areas to add volume to the lips, enhance the edge and treat wrinkles in adjacent skin. To ensure your comfort, a local anaesthetic is administered. This may be EMLA cream to the skin, or fine intra oral injections when the lip body or edge is being treated.

The Main Techniques are:

1. Volume Augmentation

Here soft dermal filler is injected into each lip to enlarge the size of the lips. A well performed upper lip augmentation subtly increases the pout of the upper lip. It is important not to overdo this, and also to keep the lower lip in proportion to upper lip. However, this is not the only technique in a lip makeover, and works best when combined with one or more of the following techniques.

2. Edge Definition

The rolled edge of the upper lip and central shelf of the lower lip can be defined by injecting a small amount of filler directly into the vermillion tunnel. Just a small amount of filler here can produce amazing results in defining your lips and reducing lipstick bleed. Lip edge definition can also be extended to Cupids Bow—the V shaped central edge of the upper lip—to give a more sensual appearance.

3. Peri Oral Wrinkles

Dermal Filling of the peri –oral skin is another area where a small amount of filler can yield a big improvement. Often, the real problem with ageing mouths is not the lip itself but the skin of the upper and lower lip. This is where smokers lines and other wrinkles occur due to of loss of dermal collagen and constant movement.

4. Aligning Droopy Mouth Corners

Lifting the corners of the mouth by correcting Marionette Lines ( Down in the Mouth Lines) also pays big dividends. By filling and aligning theses horizontally rather than drooping, you emerge with a more cheerful mouth to face the world!